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  • Favourite colour: Yellow

  • Favourite go-to book: Anything written by Christie or Dahl.

  • Your guilty pleasure is?...watching re-runs of Columbo and Poirot. 

  • Loves: Mum's cooking, Spending time with family, adventure walks, Anything Christmas.

  • Signature me: In a beret, a wild jumper, mom jeans, bright socks, and some pop red lips.​

  • Not a fan of: Pears

  • Lives: Near the coast, with my bearded other half and dog.

  • What are you thinking right now?: 'i could use having a tea in my hand with some cinnamon rolls and watch the stars'.

Jen is a Published & Award winning Children's book Illustrator

represented by The Bright Agency Group.

Based in the beautiful coastal county of East Sussex, Jen enjoys living close to the sea and regularly walks through the beautiful South Downs to fuel her creativity and motivation.

Jen's illustrations combine themes such as nature, pattern, everyday life, childhood nostalgia and a bit of quirky outfits! Her work  plays a performance of  a whimsical demeanour, bold fun colours  and playfulness in each line.

Jen enjoys being a creative-holic and a tea-holic and there is never a day without cooking up something scrumptious! (including in the kitchen too!).






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